Moonrise Kingdom

Bill Murray – Moonrise Kingdom Tour

Bill Murray hosts a subtle, hilarious Moonrise Kingdom tour.

This tour is classic Bill Murray in a cardigan sweater! He describes the movie Moonrise Kingdom, the sets and cast in somewhat absurd and abstract detail.

This tour is classic Bill Murray in a cardigan sweater! He describes the movie Moonrise Kingdom, the story, the cast, and the sets in somewhat absurd and abstract detail. that Bill Murray does so well. He shows us around some of the sets including locations in Rhode Island; for example the Yawgoog Scout Reservation otherwise known as “Camp Yawgoog”. Camp Yawgoog (trivia) was founded in 1916 and is the fourth oldest continuously run Scout camp in the United States.

Bill Murray describes Moonrise Kingdom so well. The story takes place in the summer of 1965 and is about two twelve year olds who fall in love. They make a secret pact to elope (at least their 12-year-old concept of eloping). Then they run away together into the wilderness near where their summer camps are located. The setting is the fictional island of New Penzance located off the coast of New England. Needless to say, their frantic families and local authorities search for them as a violent storm approaches the island. This is the point in the film where this previously peaceful island community becomes obsessed with the whole ordeal and chaos ensues.

The excellent cast includes: Bruce Willis as Captain Sharp (the local Sheriff), Edward Norton as Scout Master Ward (the Khaki Scout troop leader), Bill Murray and Frances McDormand as Mr. and Mrs. Bishop (the young girl’s parents), Tilda Swinton as the Social Services woman, Jared Gilman as Sam (the young boy), Kara Hayward as Suzy (the young girl), Jason Schwartzman as Cousin Ben, and Bob Balaban as the Narrator.

Moonrise Kingdom was directed by Wes Anderson and written by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola. A bit of filmmaking trivia: this is the first Wes Anderson film to be shot on 16mm film; and the first to be shot in a 1.85:1 ratio since Bottle Rocket (1996).

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