Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom is a movie about two children, around the age of twelve, who experience the first flame of love.
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We all experienced a crush during our childhood so we can relate. The story takes place in the summer of 1965 on an island off the coast of New England.

These two young love birds saw a single solution to be together. They followed through with a plan to elope from their summer camps and retreat into the wilderness together. Of course, reality is often much different than expected (and life was much simpler in 1965). The girl’s parents and the head of the boy’s camp, together with the local sheriff and the locals, set out to find the young and courageous fugitives. Moonrise Kingdom is filled with innocent love, the joy of being a child, and the struggles that the adults had around this young love affair.

Moonrise Kingdom is meant to remind us, in a very artistic way, of the feelings we experienced as young people at the beginning of puberty. Perhaps we used to daydream about similar escapades with the first person we felt so attracted to. Of course, as adults, it seems foolish to run away from home (so to speak) at such an early age. But placed under the spotlight (with the right story, director, cast and crew), this deed looks like something both insane and quite adorable at the same time. Catch The Film’s rating on this movie is a perfect 10.

Moonrise Kingdom is a must see. It will help you remember what your first sweetheart looked like, or what his or her name was. These are precious moments that made our childhood more beautiful. Now you have the chance to see them set in a beautiful script. Moonrise Kingdom was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

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