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Catch The Film is a video channel. Our popular genre is “funny”. Also: music videos and animation. And, fantasy and sci-fi. Content highlights: Tim & The Singing Cats. And Car Coffee. And Left Right. But don’t forget Terry Crews. And Old Spice. And Godzilla. As well as The Matrix-Kung Fu Panda Mashup. And our Monty Python-Three Stooges Mashup. Also, funny monkeys. And funny commercials. And much more. Catch a film!

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Playlist: Best of Catch The Film

Playlist: Best of Catch The Film

From Singing Cats to funny mashups.

And Terry Crews to quirky. Catch The Film presents fun and immersive content. But don’t forget to watch our popular series Left Right. And Car Coffee. So jump in. And have some fun.

our quirky playlist at catch the film

Playlist: Quirky

Because alarm bells usually go off.

When things get quirky. But be sure to breathe. No injuries please. So collect your thoughts. Because you must carry on.

Playlist: Left Right

Playlist: Left Right

Left Right Playlist.

Featuring funny mashups of movie scenes. And other content. The Matrix and Kung Fu Panda mashup is hilarious. Because it features the red-pill-blue-pill scene. Yea, Neo must choose. And Morpheus is neutral. Keanu Reeves is spot on. Laurence Fishburne too. Presented by Catch The Film.

Playlist: Terry Crews (Old Spice & more)

Playlist: Terry Crews (Old Spice & more)

Watch the Terry Crews Playlist.

Because it’s classic Terry. And because it includes Old Spice mashups. As well as Terry and Angry Birds Mashups. And our Terry Crews Compilation #999 (CTF Cut).

our car coffee playlist at catch a film

Playlist: Car Coffee

Car Coffee Playlist.

It’s all about drinking coffee. And discussing funny random subjects. In cars. With the funny-meister, Tim Fonseca. An award-winning singer. And executive pastry chef. as well as a raconteur! Presented by Catch The Film.

funny mafia movie clips at catch the film

Playlist: Abracadabra - Funny Mafia Comedy (clips)

Funny Mafia Playlist.

Abracadabra features many funny scenes. And snippets and clips. “Abracadabra: a Mafia Comedy”. So, it’s a great independent film. And was shot in Boston’s North End. But never widely released. Quite a gem.

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