Catch The Film

Catch The Film provides a discovery, viewing and sharing platform with highly-rated curated, original and exclusive films and videos. Films and videos on Catch The Film are available worldwide on our Web, Social and affiliated Cable channels. Genre highlights: Action, Animation, Classic Films, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Film and Video Production, Music and Sci-fi. WARNING! Catch The Film delivers engaging visual experiences; some of which may create an altered mental state.

Playlist: Best of Catch The Film

From Car Coffee (sketch comedy) to Left Right (funny mashups) to Terry Crews and Quirky Short Films – Catch The Film presents fun and immersive video content.
Playlist: Quirky

If the alarm bell doesn’t go off for you while watching Catch The Film’s “Quirky” Playlist then you have our sincere condolences! It’s quirky alright. Maybe too quirky!
Playlist: Left Right

Left Right features funny mashups of movie scenes and other content. Presented by Catch The Film.
Playlist: Terry Crews (Old Spice & more)

The Terry Crews Playlist from Catch The Film includes the Terry Crews Old Spice and Angry Birds Mashups and the Terry Crews Compilation #999 (CTF Cut).
Playlist: Car Coffee

Car Coffee is sketch comedy featuring coffee in cars with Tim Fonseca (Singer, Pastry Chef and Raconteur). Tim is about amazing award-winning pastry, incredible musical talent and serial buffoonery-driven sketch comedy. Presented by Catch The Film.
Playlist: The Hobbit with Peter Jackson

The Hobbit Movie Trailer with stunning visuals in 4K resolution (4 times HD). Plus The Making Of The Hobbit with Peter Jackson – individual Production Blogs plus a complete set (from April 14, 2011 to July 23, 2012 – 98 minutes). See behind-the-scenes visuals, information, back stories and production techniques that showcase the making of the Hobbit movie “Unexpected Journey” by Peter Jackson. Presented by Catch The Film.
Playlist: Abracadabra - Funny Mafia Comedy (clips)

Many funny scenes, snippets and clips from Abracadabra – a Mafia Comedy. A great little independent film shot in Boston’s North End and never released. Presented by Catch The Film.