Funny Animation

Superhero shocks the world – BEWARE Electroshock!

A Superhero shocks the world! Yea it’s actually Buck, the town electrician.

This is pure, fabulous and fun superhero-themed CGI animation. It comes from French creators Hugo Jackson, Valentin Michel, Pascal Chandelier, Elliot Maren and Bastien Mortelecque. The story centers around “Buck”, the town electrician. Quite the normal, but somewhat bumbling, guy until he gets zapped in an electrical accident. Buck is then endowed with amazing electrical powers! And he becomes the Superhero “Electroshock”! This funny animated short features voicing by Ariane Aggiage, Christophe Lemoine, Laetitia Barbara, Michel Vigne, Philipe Peythieu and Véronique Augereau.

Buck happens to have a crush on a beautiful girl, Mady. But Mady doesn’t notice Buck at all. However, after Buck’s electrical accident, one of his new gifts is the power to slow down time. And he uses that power to get the attention of Mady. The Superhero then constantly runs around town donning a Superhero costume trying to impress Mady. The Superhero tries to find any distressful situation in town that he can intervene in and essentially save the day. This is, of course, to get noticed by Mady. Unfortunately, all of Buck’s efforts don’t seem to be very interesting to Mady. This gets more and more interesting as the film progresses. But we won’t spoil the fun ending. Check it out.

Superhero shocks the world – BEWARE Electroshock! is also available on Catch The Film’s Facebook Channel