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Sci-Fi Short Film “Phoenix 9” A Post-apocalyptic tale

Sci-Fi Short Film “Phoenix 9” – A better future is waiting for you.

It’s 2039 and a thermo-nuclear war has devastated planet Earth. There are few survivors left. And there’s this group of survivors that are on a journey to find more. The situation is near hopeless. And this group eventually turns against each other. But they discover a secret place that changes everything. And gives them hope that they might survive. This post-apocalyptic 22 minute Sci-Fi short film is quite good and very ambitious. In fact, everything about it is quite good including the writing, directing, acting, camera work, visuals and VFX.

Phoenix 9 was driven by the German team of Peer Gopfrich, the writer and producer; and, Amir Reichart, the director and editor. This Sci-Fi Short Film is actually a proof-of-concept that’s based on a feature screenplay written by Peer Gopfrich. The VFX was pretty amazing for such a low-budget film. Many talented VFX artists were used. They were recruited from the United States, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Oman, and China.

The director and editor, Amir Reichart, and the writer and producer, Peer Gopfrichl, had zero credits prior to shooting this Sci-Fi Short Film. And the film was funded out-of-pocket by Amir and Peer. In Peer’s production logs he says that “while short films might not be feature length, they can certainly be feature-level in terms of effort. Budgets have to be made, actors cast, crews hired, permits and insurances taken care of, and more”.

The Cast: Daniela Flynn, Paul Lange, Corey Rieger, Carl Williams, Ryan Nelson, Russel Lewis, Aileen Xu, Cynthia Kirchner, Robert Elliot, Nora Huetz, Stephen Laferriere

Written and Produced by: Peer Gopfrich
Directed and Edited by: Amir Reichart
Director of Photography: Tobias Deml

This Sci-Fi Short Film “Phoenix 9” is also available on Catch The Film’s Facebook Channel