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Portal No Escape by Dan Trachtenberg – SCI-FI / FANTASY

A woman wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there…

Portal: No Escape is a six-minute short film adapted from the beloved 2007 puzzle game Portal. Dan Trachtenberg is behind the short film. He finished shooting the short film one and a half years ago and it took him this long to assemble a visual-effects team and complete post-production. All that effort shows, though, as this is one slickly produced piece of nerd nirvana.

I” have purposely avoided mentioning what the short film (and Portal itself) is about.”

If you’ve played the game, you’ve likely already seen this short film and are now salivating over the notion of a feature-length Portal movie.

Comments from Mallika Rao at HuffPo (edited):

This short film adaptation of “Portal” is winning the internet right now for the grittiness of its take on the video game. The short film deals in quick, evocative detail, from the neon tube lighting in the main character’s holding cell, to the make of the portal gun she eventually finds.

The short film took a year and a half to make, and is helped by a strong performance from “All My Children” regular Danielle Rayne and a haunting score by the “Inception” guy, Mike Zarin.