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Psycho Girlfriend

Lindsey Reckis is fabulous as the psycho girlfriend in the popular comedy series Psycho Girlfriend.

This is the very first episode in this video series, and Catch The Film’s favorite.

Hey, if you think your relationship is hard to manage take a look at Psycho Girlfriend, Episode 1. Perhaps you’ll better appreciate the relationship that you do have. Of course, everybody makes some wrong choices during their lifetimes but this couple’s decision to get together was very, very wrong! Besides the often dark humor, maybe this fun video will help you change your perspective on couple relationships or beyond. We often hear people say “If you have to work hard at a relationship, then it’s not the right relationship for you.” After watching, you decide how hard this couple is working on their “special” relationship. As this storyline depicts so well, one partner can act quite insane in just about any type of situation making the life of the other partner quite unbearable.

The actors are very talented, and the script writing is excellent with just the right dose of darkness. Enjoy the way things evolve in this video and you’ll understand why Psycho Girlfriend has become so popular. You’ll probably enjoy the misery that the boyfriend is going through and, at the same time, appreciate his ridiculously relentless patience and stamina. Many of the viewers of Psycho Girlfriend feel the boyfriend is a terrific guy and makes extraordinary efforts to try and resolve issues with his girlfriend and improve their relationship. Of course, the girlfriend’s ambition and stubbornness to supposedly get closer to her boyfriend and improve the relationship (on her terms), only makes things worse and worse and is quite hilarious. The Psycho Girlfriend series covers a wide-range of human emotion and relationship connections including: drama, love feelings, guilt, remorse, anger, happiness; just about every emotion and feeing we experience in a couple relationship. So sit back, relax and watch this interesting couple in Psycho Girlfriend, Episode 1.

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