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Leonard Nimoy “Spock” – His Star Trek Funeral Scene

Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015) famously played Spock on Star Trek

“Live Long And Prosper”

Wherever you are, we’ll miss you deeply.

Leonard Nimoy, died at home in California on February 27, 2015. It was a sad day. The “Stark Trek” star announced in 2014 that he was battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and attributed it to many years of smoking. He had quit smoking around 1985. Nimoy started playing Spock when the TV show debuted in 1966 and continued in the role through most of the movies including the latest reboot in 2013 when Zachary Quinto took over the Spock role. Leonard Nimoy, in addition to being an actor, was an accomplished film director, poet, singer and photographer.

Leonard Nimoy was born to Jewish immigrant parents in Boston, Massachusetts. Foreshadowing his fame as a semi-alien, he played Narab, one of three Martian invaders in the 1952 movie serial “Zombies of the Stratosphere”. In 1953, he served in the United States Army. In 1965, he made his first appearance in the rejected Star Trek pilot The Cage, and went on to play the character of Mr. Spock until 1969, followed by eight feature films and guest slots in the various spin-off series. The character has had a significant cultural impact and garnered Leonard Nimoy three Emmy Award nominations. After the original Star Trek series, Nimoy starred in Mission: Impossible for two seasons, hosted the documentary series “In Search Of”, and narrated Civilization IV, as well as making several well-received stage appearances. More recently, he also had a recurring role in the science fiction series Fringe. Nimoy’s fame as Spock was such that both of his autobiographies, I Am Not Spock (1975) and I Am Spock (1995), were written from the viewpoint of sharing his existence with the character.

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