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Kim Jong Un Gangnam Style Parody Compilation – LEFT/RIGHT

What can we say about Kim Jong Un that hasn’t been said many times before?

Well, we put this video together to do the talking. It’s hard to believe that anyone missed the famous Gangnam Style videos. How could that be, since it generated over a billion plays on YouTube. The original video is funny enough, but the parodies make it even better. Most of us don’t even have a clue what that guy was singing about, but perhaps the rhythm and the funny dance moves got to everybody. It’s no wonder so many talented video creators gathered around to attempt to make the best, most-inspired parody video version of this song. Catch The Film’s video contribution is relatively minor — a mashup / compilation of the best-of-the–best parodies with special emphasis on Kim Jong Un.

It’s impossible not to at least crack a smile while watching this video, no matter how tired or stressed out you are. The video could even be called Kim Jong Un Gangnam Style stress therapy where “fun” is part of the therapeutic treatment.

The video creator community usually starts marking parodies when something reaches a high-level of public popularity. Since the Guinness Book of World Records awarded the original video as being the most “liked” video ever, it’s easy to figure out what triggered the parody wave. Although, we believe we should thank all of those who contribute their time and effort to create funny videos, in this case it would not be practical since it’s literally thousands. However, we especially thank the Kim Jong Un actor (name withheld) who is featured in this video and its original parody version.

Enjoy Catch The Film’s Kim Jong Un Gangnam Style Parody Compilation video and get your quick fix on Kim Jong Un and Gangnam Style –ONE MORE TIME!

The Kim Jong Un Gangnam Style Parody Compilation is also available on Catch The Film’s Facebook Channel