Funny Animation

Big Catch: The Fisherman and His Nemesis (Moles Merlos)

A fisherman walks down a pier in his local town to go fishing. Unbeknown to him his would-be nemesis lurks in the waters nearby. What happens next is a fantastic concoction of the accidental and the slapstick.

Perhaps the best thing about this is probably the kung fu seagulls. There are a few sly winks to other movies throughout this too, but we won’t give the game away by telling you what they are – see if you catch them! As mini pastiches go they fly by…

For you animation buffs out there, the modelling and animation tasks were all done in Maya. The rendering was done using Renderman/Mental Ray and for the effects like the water dripping off the shark (a very good effect too, water is hard to do!) there were some specially made scripts by film maker Moles Merlo who lives in Paris. Shake was used for the Compositing.

Watch this one to the end – you will, we can almost guarantee you’ll love this (and yes, it is more than suitable for children and work throughout). ~webphemera

// 3D : Maya
// Compositing : Shake
// Music : Baptiste Thiry
// Shark voice : Rachel Chapiteau