Terry Crews (Actor, Comedian, Artist, Jock)

Terry Crews is a big bold package of muscles, intelligence, pro super jock genes, artist, comedian, actor, husband and family man.
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He was born and raised in a strict Christian family and first saw the light of day on July 30th, 1968, in Flint, Michigan. His mother invested the most effort to raise young Terry. An intelligent young man apparently attracted by the Arts, Terry earned a sponsored scholarship at a famous art school in Michigan – the Interlochen Center for the Arts.

Later on, his artistic and sports achievements brought him an Art Excellence scholarship and an Athletic Scholarship for College Football, at Western Michigan University.

For Terry Crews, arts and sports blended perfectly and he was able to perform both with incredible skill. But his massive structure and excellence on the football field landed him a career in the NFL as a defensive end. Terry entered the NFL in 1991, with the Los Angeles Rams. But after his football career ended in 1997, he turned his attention to his other love – art and acting. You would ordinarily think that a large guy like Terry, with perfect muscles and a toned body, would only play in rough action movies. He did, but there were always funny scenes or lines that he couldn’t help hide his humorous side. Thus, he also played in a lot of comedies and funny commercials. “White Chicks”, “Friday after Next”, “Soul Plane”, and “Every Body Hates Chris”, are some savory comedies in which Terry Crews made his own through his unique brand of humor.

Terry Crews style of acting is almost in contradiction with his perfect physical form. So much so that he looks like he’s out of his element when he plays in comedies. It’s like a small funny alien created and suited up in a perfect extra-large human outfit that is Terry. Although it’s not that out of the ordinary to see a big strong guy playing funny roles, he’s the best funny guy in The Expendables franchise that includes the movie industry’s most desirable rat pack of big strong tough guy actors – himself, Stallone, Statham, Banderas, Li, Snipes, Lundgren and Schwarzenegger. Quite the rat pack.

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