Reggie Watts (Reginald Lucien Frank Roger Watts)

Reggie Watts (Reginald Lucien Frank Roger Watts) is blessed with an exceptionally brilliant mind and an “over-the-top”, “out-there”, and “eccentric” musical style and sense of humor.
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And, although he was born in Stuttgart, Germany (on March 23, 1972), Reggie is more American than most Americans. He started playing and studying piano and violin when he was very young and admits that his passion for music was triggered by Ray Charles’s unmistakable piano playing.

But regardless of his years of studying and playing piano and violin, perhaps Reggie Watts’ best musical tool is his voice. He makes music in unique and interesting ways, by using only his voice, a keyboard, and a looping machine. And his music inspires millions worldwide. Reggie mostly plays (and loves) soul, rock and hip hop music.

Reggie Watts is equally passionate about humor and his performances are all about music and humor. He performs worldwide on live stages, TV, radio, live theatre and the Internet and loves messing around with his audiences (surprise, surprise!). Reggie essentially “disorients” his audiences in a most unusual and entertaining way. And he’s quite endearing about it. So, while performing, it may seem like Reggie has no clue about what he’s doing; and often times that’s true. Always in the moment, Reggie likes to think WAY outside the box. His uniquely improvisational musical and comical sets are created in real-time using (again) only his voice, a keyboard and a looping machine. No performances of the same exact song (“song” so-to-speak as Reggie’s songs are pretty far out there) are ever repeated.

If you haven’t experienced Reggie Watts, you’re in for a real treat. Catch The Film’s Reggie Watts page represents a body of work that highlights some of his most amazing performance moments. Currently, Reggie is a key contributor to the IFC television series Comedy Bang! Bang!, now in its fourth season.

Reggie Watts videos are also available on Catch The Film’s YouTube Channel.

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