Funny Videos

Catch The Film’s Funny Videos genre is a subset of our Comedy genre.
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And since Comedy is an art form with no rules, what’s funny is mostly subjective. Though hopefully, the funny videos in this genre will amuse you or cause you to laugh out loud or maybe even fall over and roll around in some cases! We cover: silly moments, satire, political satire, irony, conflicts, parody, funny dramatic performances, fails, violations of social conventions or taboos, and stand-up.

There’s usually something for everyone in Catch The Film’s Funny Videos genre. The Car Coffee comedy series features extraordinary comedy sketches by Boston’s one-and-only Tim Fonseca (World-Class Executive Pastry Chef, Kung-Fu Master, Brilliant Singer-Songwriter, and Bizzaro Funny Guy). The sketches include: Singing Cats; Monkey Business; Voices Boxing MMA UCF; Who Is That Guy?; and, Home Depot. The Left/Right comedy series features parodies, mash-ups and compilations including: Kim Jong Un Gangnam Style parody compilation; Big Bang Theory / Angry Birds mash-up; Black Knight / Three Stooges mash-up; Terry Crews / Angry Birds mash-up compilation; Matrix / Kung Fu Panda mash-up; and, Bill Clinton / George Bush / Monkey Dance mash-up.

We also feature funny videos and more at our Catch The Film YouTube Channel.

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