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We all need to loosen our neurons regularly with funny animation!
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No seriously all too often our lives are too busy, too gloomy, too unsatisfying, too whatever. If you’d like a quick fix to elevate your spirits or you’re just not in the mood to work, check out our funny animation.

For a couple of minutes, you can stop focusing on life’s more serious side and treat yourself to a small dose of fun! Ahhem … continuing with our Public Service Announcement. We tend to spend too much time thinking about the less pleasant aspects of our lives. Bank loans and bills to pay, your wife called to send you a grocery list, your daughter needs money for the latest, and you forgot how it was to go out and drink beer with your friends. Put a stop to those thoughts and feed your brain cells with something that will not damage them. And give Catch The Film some love if our funny animation page helps your day or mood get just a little bit better.

Also, if some of your friends or colleagues seem a little stiff lately and may have forgotten (at least temporarily) how to shape their mouths to form a smile, you can tell them about your funny animation secret. Today (yes, today), someone you know has almost certainly had an unpleasant experience and they could really use your help. So brighten their day with your secret antidote. Our funny animation is the perfect serotonin trigger that will provide the mental retreat to elope from a rigid reality. So loosen those neurons and spread the word. Getting your smile on is always highly recommended.

Finally (your welcome), help the world become a better place. The change begins with you. Check out Catch The Film’s funny animation and see how you feel afterward.

Funny animation can also be seen on our Catch The Film YouTube Channel

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