Abracadabra Movie “Tootsie meets Goodfellas”

Abracadabra Movie Synopsis
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In the (mafia comedy) Abracadabra Movie, it’s the new millennium. America is wired. It’s a fast-paced digital world of cyberspace where we are so connected we’re disconnected. Nothing seems sacred anymore and all of our institutions are in the throes of great social change. The “New Guard” is sweeping away the old. That is unless you live in the cloistered little world of Boston’s North End, “Little Italy.”

Four middle-aged goombahs are forced to confront their underlying discontent when a beautiful and very “different” woman (“Abracadabra”) enters their lives. Abracadabra is as much an enigma to the four paisans as any high-tech gizmo; as unlike anyone they’ve ever known, she’s an enchantress. Smitten, each man in his own way vies for her favor, forgetting she is an outsider, a metagone. With the entire neighborhood North End for their audience, each man’s life is thrown into utter chaos in their pursuit of Abracadabra – the woman of their dreams. The goombahs will soon discover the hard way, that all that glitters is not gold. The Abracadabra Movie is like “Tootsie meets Goodfellas”. You’re a macho Italian tough guy from Little Italy and you just discovered the woman of your dreams is a man. So did your goombahs.

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